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    Through our strategic partnerships with global training bodies, we have access to the best training resources.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
    Equipped with super fast internet and innovative virtual training labs, we ensure students gain the most of value for their time.
  • We develop your expertise through a combined approach of hands-on exercises, quizzes, and instructor-led videos. We are in the habit of helping people achieve their professionals goals and develop successful careers.
  • We employ industry experts 
    We are building a bridge between academia and the industry by employing experienced industry experts as mentors and tutors.
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    We have sourced out the most experienced and dedicated cyber-security team to guarantee you an all round experience in your programs of interest.
  • We are the industry-leading provider of hands-on, role-based technical training in Cyber Security.
Join Our April 2022 Cohort

Join Our April 2022 Cohort. Explore Courses

Our Courses

Milima Cyber Academy Lecture Time
Fundamentals Of Cyber Security

This course introduces students to the field of Cyber Security.

It provides an extensive overview of the various branches of this field, Cyber Security concepts and issues that are critical to solving problems in the computing security domain.
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Web Applications Security

This course offers extensive knowledge for every web developer and web application engineer.

A participant will discover important principles of modern web security, and learn about current security best practices. 
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Milima Cyber Academy Lecture Time
Certificate In Information Security Practice

Information has become a key component of the majority of businesses.
Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality of information is a paramount concern as the loss or partial loss even for a short time can be of significant negative impact.
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News & Publications

April 2022 Infosession
April 2022 Info session Webinar
Webinar 5 - April - 2022

Milima Cyber Academy will be hosting a free Info session - Tuesday 5th April at 10am.

We shall be discussing #CyberSecurity education and how you can be a part of the journey!
Register Here

Milima Cyber Academy - Meet & Greet
Cyber-defense Bootcamp. Mbarara
Rescheduled from 6 - Dec - 2021 to 22 - Feb - 2022

Mbarara! We have some exciting news for you. We have partnered with Mbarara University of Science and Technology to bring to you a Cyber-defense Bootcamp!

Our Cyber-defense programs are designed to equip professionals with relevant skills in cyber-threat detection and response through a rigorous hands-on guided approach. Read More.

Milima Cyber Academy - Meet & Greet
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Milima Cyber Academy 29 - Oct - 2021

As the #CybesecurityAwarenessMonth comes to an end, you are invited to be part of the grand closing event.
Register to attend: https://bit.ly/3Cidai
Live stream options will be available on all our socials. Browse Photos

What Our Former Students Are Saying

Cyber-security continues to rise as one of the biggest threats organizations have to deal with in the fast evolving digital age. With Uganda losing over UGX 15 Billion to cyber-crime last year, the shortage of Cyber-security professionals is now not only an industry crisis but that of the economy.

Milima Cyber Academy is a specialized Cyber-security training academy redefining professional skilling through hands-on training programs. The Academy is joining hands with industry experts from both the private and government sectors to help close the looming shortage of specialized Cyber-security professionals in the industry.

Alumni Testimonials

Tackling Cyber-security attacks in an ever-advancing industry only comes with continuous study and research. I chose to ride my own wave and joined the Academy. My efficiency and productivity have…

Milima Cyber Academy Testimonial

Daphine A Kankunda

IT Specialist                          

As a Cryptocurrency investor, the Fundamentals of Cyber Security opened doors to insights on Block-chain and Personal security. The risks are real and financially devastating for those who don't recognize…

Milima Cyber Academy Testimonial

Ossa Tukamushaba


When I joined Milima Cyber Academy, I was interested in learning more about how I can protect my data at the workplace and learn basic skills of defending myself while… 

Milima Cyber Academy Testimonial

Camoi Daiel Owiny

Business Man

I have really benefitted a lot from this course. I am able to tell if a system has been hacked into. I am also able to interpret an audit report… 

Milima Cyber Academy Testimonial

Justine Finella Abuni

ICT Auditor

Our Partners

Grey Armour
Milima Security


Milima Cyber Academy issues it’s own certifications and is not affiliated to any other certification company. A student who completes the course receives a certificate of completion of Milima Cyber Academy

Yes, we do. We have a flexible payment program that allows you to make installments that suits your convenience. Ensure to write to the finance office ahead of time for proper guidance.

All our classes moved online from the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020. Any changes in schedules will always will be communicated.

We are currently running two programs;

Fundamentals Of Cybersecurity – Duration: 72 Hours (8 Weeks)

Web Applications Security – Duration 54 Hours (6 Weeks)


Plot M445, Ntinda Road, Ntinda. Kampala, Uganda


Email: care@mca.ac.ug
Phone: +256 778 290 491

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